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About Us

About Us

About Digital Library Token

Based on blockchain technology, IoT and the concept of decentralization DLT is built on a cross chain network systems adding value added services regarding digital assets and thus building a stronger strengthened anonymous and secure trading platform.

3 simple Steps to Risk Free Profits

  • Load Money in wallet: Top up fund and crypto-currency in DLT Wallet
  • Bid/Stake: Active DLT BOT generate 10-18% monthly profits, paid on daily basis
  • Earn & Withdraw

DLT is a decentralized, multi currency platform tat helps to manage your digital assets single handedly via DLT app. DLT puts investors priorities ahead and understand the needs for managing and growing your assets with a click!

With combined industry expertise and software development tools like AI and bots along with ecosystem of technology partners, DLT assures investors evolve successfully in this smart digital world.

The core function of DLT's concept is cross chain technology based on multi currency savings, a layered system with efficient and comprehensive facilities for smooth and effortless user experience. DLT is fashioned to provide its crypto users a secure, hassle free platform without compromising the principle of anonymity. Rigorous layers of proofing and excellence in technology, updated, optimized remittance systems comprising of services and products that helps the user to access the digital assets within this decentralized platform. DLT not only assures care free services but also a holistic support system.

Decentralized Block chain with multi currency facility: DLT Block has revolutionized the digital assets management by introducing inter block chain facilitating multiple currency thus ensuring decentralized system.


Since digital assets are becoming a key area of investments with extremely profitable returns, and the Cryptocurrency exchanges mostly relied on centralized controls, the need for a multi currency decentralized wallet with unlimited exchanges was required.

The very nature on which DLT is conceptualized so that the intrinsic flaws of central authority can be exposed and need for across currency investment is attained. The very concept of a decentralized platform incorporates trust in the crypto believers and gives them freedom of a 360-degree overview of their investments with full control.

At DLT we believe your assets are yours and the freedom to invest or withdraw should be with you! This historic moment in the Cryptocurrency world is brought and DLT is embodiment of a successful implementation this concept. Through the DLT platform, our objective is to provide economic opportunity for our community members and continue to innovate and contribute to build blockchain solutions.

DLT aims to reduce the accumulation of digital assets with centralized controlled platforms and decentralize it to bring financial independence with reduced risks without attaining full value consensus. DLT provides anonymous decentralized financial services to everyone, such that digital wealth accumulation for the privileged, but also the key to financial independence for every common person.

The sole aim of DLT mobile application is to bring in risk free staking with guaranteed profits, reduced problem of risk aggregation, hassle free circulation of digital currencies, full mitigation of market fluctuations, cyber freedom by secure and private security.

Apart from setting assets free, DLT offers a more personalized touch.


DLT aims to break the existing centralized control of digital assets to bring a relentless liberalism and trust into digital assets. This is done by efficient technology and innovative concepts !

  • Holistic approach to decentralize
  • Ensure financial independence of all its investors and crypto believers.
  • Bring financial freedom to billions of users.
  • More Profitable risk free secure investments


DLT Application is an innovative and revolutionized digital currency application that stores your cryptocurrencies and generates daily profit through integrated revolution.

It is not controlled by anyone but is run on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning codes in order to redefine the trust of investing community. DLT steps ahead of other platforms by securing your assets on cloud databases so that it reduces the threat of being hacked. To ensure more freedom DLT accepts multi-currencies and exchanger allows to swiftly move from one currency to another.

Trading and staking at DLT platform at clicks with detail capturing of your swapping, staking, profit generation reports aims at transparency between the platform and users. Live currency rates and incomparable profits on investments make DLT stand out as the most trusted platform.

With the integration of blockchain technology, members can earn between 10% to 18% monthly from their crypto-currencies that they put in the DLT wallet. The DLT Exchanger allows to exchange the earned currencies.